Fitbit Sense 2 – Advanced Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Discover the Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch, an advanced health and fitness companion. Manage stress, improve sleep, and stay active with features like stress detection, ECG app, GPS, 24/7 heart rate tracking, and more. Enjoy on-wrist calls, notifications, and up to 6-day battery life. Includes a 6-month Premium membership for personalized insights.

Introducing the Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch, your ultimate companion for advanced health and fitness management. Dive into a world of improved well-being as you learn to manage stress, enhance sleep quality, and live a healthier life. With its array of cutting-edge features, Sense 2 is designed to empower you on your wellness journey.

Stress management becomes effortless with all-day stress detection and a daily Stress Management Score, providing valuable insights into your stress levels. Keep a close eye on your heart health with the ECG app for atrial fibrillation assessment and irregular heart rhythm notifications, ensuring you know your heart’s condition. Monitor your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and get a comprehensive health overview with the health metrics dashboard.

Your sleep quality is a priority, and Sense 2 helps you achieve better rest with a personalized Sleep Profile, daily sleep stages, and Sleep Score. The smart wake alarm and do not disturb mode ensure you wake up refreshed and undisturbed.

Stay active and motivated with built-in GPS and workout intensity maps to accurately track your fitness activities. The Daily Readiness Score keeps you informed about your body’s readiness for exercise, while Active Zone Minutes encourage you to reach your fitness goals.

Designed for all-day wear, this smartwatch goes beyond fitness tracking. Enjoy the convenience of on-wrist Bluetooth calls, texts, and phone notifications. Express your style with customizable clock faces, and make secure payments with Fitbit Pay. Access your virtual assistant with Amazon Alexa built-in and enjoy Google Wallet & Maps (Google Maps on Android only, coming Spring 2023 to iOS).

With an impressive battery life of over 6 days, the Fitbit Sense 2 ensures uninterrupted usage and continuous support for your well-being. Plus, with a 6-month Premium membership, you gain access to personalized insights and advanced analytics, making your wellness journey even more impactful.

Elevate your health and fitness experience with the Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch, your ultimate companion for achieving balance and vitality in your everyday life.


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