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Head Coach Mario Boser: Expert Taekwondo Trainer for Top-Notch Fitness at Taekwondo4Fitness

Taekwondo Instructor | 4th-degree black belt | Examination Director | Instructor & Trainer Education at Independent Taekwondo Organisation | ITO Chairman | Poomsae Referee | Fitness Coach | Nutrition Advisor | Welfare Officer

Meet Mario Boser, a highly skilled and accomplished Taekwondo Instructor who brings over 30 years of experience and expertise to his role as Lead Instructor at Taekwondo4Fitness and Martial Arts Practitioner. With a 4th-degree black belt and a Kukkiwon Dan grade, Mario has earned a reputation as a respected leader in the Taekwondo community.

In addition to his instructor role, Mario holds several key positions within the Independent Taekwondo Organisation, including Examination Director, Instructor & Trainer of Education, and Chairman. His passion and dedication to the sport make him a valuable asset to the organization and a trusted student mentor.

As a Poomsae Referee, Mario brings his deep knowledge of Taekwondo to every competition he oversees. He also serves as a Fitness Coach and Nutrition Advisor, helping students make the best food choices to support their training and achieve their sports goals. Additionally, as the Welfare Officer, Mario ensures the safety and well-being of all students at Taekwondo4Fitness.

With certifications as a Level 2 Leading Health-Related Activity instructor and Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach, Mario is committed to inspiring and motivating people to lead healthier, more active lifestyles through martial arts. He continues to enhance his skills and knowledge through ongoing education and professional development, making him a seasoned expert in the field.

Join Mario on his mission to transform your life through Taekwondo. Learn more about his impressive qualifications and professional development courses by visiting his website, LinkedIn Membership Profile, today!

About Me | Mario Boser, Lead Instructor

Master the Art of Self-Defense and Empowerment with Taekwondo

At Taekwondo4Fitness I believe in the power of martial arts to transform lives. As a Lead Instructor, I am dedicated to preserving the Five Tenets of Taekwondo: etiquette, modesty, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. These principles guide my students’ behaviour inside and outside the dojang, shaping them into better individuals.

I am passionate about fitness, nutrition, and a healthy, active lifestyle. I have devoted my life to achieving my health and fitness goals and want to help others do the same. That’s why I became a Taekwondo Instructor, to inspire and motivate others to achieve their health and fitness goals through martial arts.

My journey with martial arts started in 1989 in Germany, where I was often bullied as a child. I searched for a way to defend myself and found Taekwondo in 1992. It immediately became a passion and a way of life for me. Over the past 30 years, I have trained in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and the UK. I hold a 4th-degree black belt with the Independent Taekwondo Organisation and a Kukkiwon black belt.

As Chairman and Examination Director, I am also a former Taekwondo Instructor and National Poomsae Referee with British Taekwondo, the largest governing body in the UK. I have been thoroughly vetted with full Disclosure Checks clearance, allowing me to work with children and vulnerable adults.

In addition to my extensive Taekwondo experience, I hold a Level 2 Leading Health-Related Activity certification from Active IQ and a Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach qualification from Future Fit Training. I am committed to continuing my education and professional development to provide the best possible services to my students.

Join me on the journey to a healthier, fitter, and happier life through Taekwondo. Visit my website or connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about my qualifications and experience.

What is a Poomsae Referee

A poomsae referee is a person who officiates poomsae competitions, which are a type of martial arts tournament that involves the performance of predetermined forms or routines. Poomsae referees are responsible for enforcing the rules of the competition, evaluating the competitors’ performances, and determining the winners of each match. They must also ensure that the competition is conducted fairly and safely. To be a poomsae referee, it is typically necessary to have a good understanding of the sport and the rules of the competition, as well as experience as a competitor or coach. In addition, poomsae referees may be required to be certified by a governing body or organization.

What is a Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach?

A Healthy, Active Lifestyle Programming Coach is a professional who helps individuals develop and implement healthy lifestyle habits and behaviours. This may include coaching clients on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and overall wellness.

A Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach may work with clients one-on-one or in group settings and may use a variety of approaches, such as goal setting, education, and behaviour modification, to help clients adopt and maintain healthy habits.

The duties and responsibilities of a Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach may vary depending on their area of expertise and the specific needs of their clients. However, everyday tasks may include developing individualized healthy lifestyle plans, coaching clients on behaviour change strategies, and providing support and motivation to help clients stay on track with their goals.

A Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach may work in various settings, such as fitness centres, health clubs, corporate wellness programs, or private practice. They may also be self-employed or work as part of a team.

What is a Nutrition Advisor?

A Nutrition Advisor is a professional who provides guidance and advice on nutrition and diet. Nutrition Advisors may work with clients one-on-one or in group settings and may specialize in a particular food area, such as sports nutrition, weight management, or pediatric nutrition.

The specific duties and responsibilities of a Nutrition Advisor may vary depending on their area of expertise and the particular needs of their clients. However, everyday tasks may include conducting nutrition assessments, developing individualized nutrition plans, providing nutrition education and counselling, and monitoring clients’ progress.

Nutrition Advisors may work in various settings, such as hospitals, clinics, fitness centres, or private practice. They may also be self-employed or work as part of a team.

To become a Nutrition Advisor, you will typically need to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nutrition or a related field. You may also be required to obtain certification from a recognized organization, such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or the International Association of Fitness Sciences.

About Me | Mario Boser | Taekwondo Trainer and Fitness Coach
Taekwondo Class Registration

What is Kukkiwon Taekwondo?

Kukkiwon, also known as the World Taekwondo Headquarters, is the official governing body for taekwondo, a popular martial art that originated in Korea. Kukkiwon is responsible for setting the technical standards for taekwondo, including the forms (pre-arranged patterns of movements), sparring (controlled fighting), and breaking (performing techniques to break boards or other objects) that are taught and practised within the art.

Kukkiwon is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and is affiliated with World Taekwondo (WT), the international federation for taekwondo recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Kukkiwon administers the WTF’s Dan (black belt) certification program and issues official Dan certificates to practitioners with a certain level of proficiency in taekwondo.

Kukkiwon also serves as a research and development centre for taekwondo and works to promote the art and its values globally.

What is a Kukkiwon black belt and how do I earn it?

A Kukkiwon black belt is a rank in Taekwondo, a popular martial art that originated in Korea. Kukkiwon, also known as the World Taekwondo Headquarters, is the official governing body for Taekwondo and administers the World Taekwondo’s (WT) Dan (black belt) certification program.

To achieve a Kukkiwon black belt, you must undergo extensive training in Taekwondo and demonstrate high proficiency in the art. This typically involves progressing through the various belt ranks (such as white, yellow, green, blue, and red) and passing tests or examinations at each level.

To be eligible for Kukkiwon black belt certification, you will typically need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a member of the WT or a recognized Taekwondo organization.

  2. Have a minimum of two years of Taekwondo training.

  3. Pass a written and practical examination, which includes demonstrating your knowledge of Taekwondo techniques and terminology and your physical skills and abilities.

  4. Meet any other requirements set by the WT or your Taekwondo organization.

Earning a Kukkiwon black belt is a significant achievement.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional who helps individuals set and achieve personal and professional goals. Life coaching is focused on assisting clients in identifying and overcoming any obstacles that may be preventing them from achieving their goals and creating action plans to help them move forward in their personal and professional lives.

Life coaches work with clients in various areas, including career development, relationships, personal growth, and health and wellness. They use techniques and approaches, such as goal setting, problem-solving, and visualization, to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Life coaches do not provide therapy or medical treatment but rather work with clients to identify their strengths, values, and goals and to develop strategies for achieving them. Life coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client focused on helping the client take action and make positive changes in their life.

What is a DBS?

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, also known as a criminal record check or background check, is a process in the United Kingdom for assessing a person’s suitability for a particular job or activity. It involves a search of police and other records to identify any criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands, or warnings that a person may have. The purpose of a DBS check is to help employers and organizations make informed decisions about whether a person is suitable for a particular role, especially if the part involves working with children or vulnerable adults. DBS checks are often required for people who work in certain professions or industries, such as education, healthcare, social care, and financial services.

What does enhanced DBS checked to mean?

An enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is a criminal record check that includes a more detailed and thorough search of police and other records. It provides information on any convictions, cautions, reprimands, or warnings that a person may have and additional information held by local police forces. This may include details of any arrests, charges, and convictions not yet shown on the national police database.

An enhanced DBS check is typically required for roles that involve a high level of responsibility or trust or where a person has access to sensitive information. It is also necessary for certain types of work that involve close contact with children or vulnerable adults, such as teaching, coaching, or healthcare. An enhanced DBS check aims to provide a more comprehensive assessment of a person’s suitability for a particular role. If a person has an enhanced DBS check, they have undergone this more detailed and thorough background check.

What is British Taekwondo?

British Taekwondo is the national governing body for the martial art of taekwondo in the United Kingdom. It is responsible for the development, promotion, and regulation of taekwondo in the UK and for representing the country in international taekwondo competitions. British Taekwondo works closely with World Taekwondo (WT) and the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) to ensure that taekwondo in the UK is practised according to international standards and guidelines. It also supports and trains taekwondo athletes in the UK and helps them prepare for national and international competitions. British Taekwondo is headquartered in Manchester, England.

What is the Independent Taekwondo Organisation?

The acronym ITO means INDEPENDENT TAEKWONDO ORGANISATION. The ITO was founded in 2009. Since 2016 it has been run as an independent free community. It sees itself as a pure community of interest. Thus, it is not bound by instructions from higher-level institutions and can freely decide for the benefit of its members. All martial arts exist under one umbrella-this is the ITO! The home of martial arts! It works with Korean Combat Martial Arts, ITF HQ and WT Kukkiwon HQ. It is also open to all other world associations.

The ITO is not affiliated with any association or alliance as an independent organisation. It is not bound to any instructions of higher institutions and can decide in a free and well-being way to its members. This is a great advantage already used by many associations, sports clubs and athletes who are angry about other organisations.

We are looking for friendly Connections to schools and associations that are also openly established and want to join us. It does not have to be membership; social relations with other schools and associations are also important to us.

How do I become a Kukkiwon Taekwondo Instructor?

To become a Kukkiwon Taekwondo instructor, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a minimum of a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, recognized by the Kukkiwon or the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

  2. Pass the Kukkiwon Instructor Certification Exam, which includes a written test and a practical demonstration of your Taekwondo skills.

  3. Complete the Kukkiwon Instructor Training Course, a comprehensive program covering teaching methods, class management, and the Kukkiwon curriculum.

  4. Obtain a Kukkiwon Instructor License, which the Kukkiwon issues after you have completed the certification exam and training course.

To prepare for the Kukkiwon Instructor Certification Exam, you should study the Kukkiwon curriculum and teaching materials and practice your Taekwondo techniques and sparring skills. You may also want to consider seeking additional training or instruction from experienced Taekwondo instructors to improve your knowledge and skills.

It is a good idea to check with the Kukkiwon or the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) for the most up-to-date requirements and procedures for becoming a Kukkiwon instructor.

What is a Welfare Officer

A welfare officer in taekwondo is a person who is responsible for ensuring the well-being and safety of taekwondo practitioners within a club, association, or organization. The welfare officer’s role may include tasks such as:

  • Providing support and assistance to taekwondo practitioners who are experiencing difficulties, such as bullying, harassment, or other problems
  • Advising and assisting taekwondo practitioners on issues related to their well-being and safety
  • Implementing and enforcing policies and procedures related to the welfare and safety of taekwondo practitioners
  • Working with other staff and volunteers to promote the well-being and safety of taekwondo practitioners
  • Providing information and guidance to taekwondo practitioners on issues such as child protection, bullying, and harassment

Depending on the size and structure of the club, association, or organization, the welfare officer may be a volunteer or a paid staff member. They may also undergo training and certification in child protection and welfare to carry out their duties effectively.

What does CPD stand for?

CPD stands for “Continuing Professional Development.” It refers to tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge, and experience professionals acquire throughout their careers. CPD is important because it helps professionals stay current with the latest developments in their field, improve their skills and knowledge, and demonstrate their commitment to professional development to their employers or clients. Additionally, many professional organizations and regulatory bodies require members to complete a certain amount of CPD each year to maintain their professional licenses or certifications.

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