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🌟 Welcome to PlanFitCraft 🌟

Dive into a world where fitness meets creativity – welcome to PlanFitCraft, your go-to Etsy store for meticulously designed fitness and wellness planners! Based in the heart of London, we are here to transform your health journey into an exciting adventure filled with colour, motivation, and meticulous tracking.

🎨 Why PlanFitCraft?

  • Creativity at its Best: From vibrant Eat Your Rainbow Meal Planners to intricate Mandala Fitness Trackers, our products are more than just organizers; they are a canvas for your motivation.
  • Tailored Fitness Companions: Whether you’re embracing the LIIFT 4 program or charting your mood and exercise habits, we have something for every goal. Please choose from our LIIFT 4 Fitness Planner, Fitbit Compatible Stats Tracker, or the empowering 75 Soft Challenge Workbook to start your journey.
  • Sustainable & Stylish: Not only are our planners a treat for the eyes, but they’re also digital downloads. This means instant access for you and a step towards sustainability for us.

👍 Featured Favorites:

  • Monthly Habit Trackers: Kickstart a year of transformation with minimalistic designs and mandala accents.
  • Q2 Tracker Coloring Pages Bundle: Combine mood, exercise, and habit tracking with your artistic flair.
  • Mindful Self-Care Planner: Organize your fitness and wellness routines while nurturing your mental health.

💬 Hear from Our Happy Customers: “Perfect! Easy to download and print at home. An extra layer of accountability for my daily planner.” – Zuzana “Great tracker, just what I was looking for. Handy for tracking weights with the Liift4 program.” – A satisfied customer

Join Our Community PlanFitCraft isn’t just about selling planners; it’s about building a community of fitness enthusiasts who believe in the power of organization and creativity. Each purchase is a step towards a more motivated and focused you.

💌 Stay Connected We’re always here to support your fitness journey and would love to hear your success stories or suggestions. Your feedback brightens our day and helps us innovate and bring even more exciting products to you.

Explore PlanFitCraft on Etsy today and take the first step towards a more organized, motivated, and colourful fitness journey. Your wellness path is unique—let’s make it beautiful together!

Fitness Program Planners

The “Fitness Program Planners” section offers a variety of structured planning tools to help individuals organize and track their fitness routines.

These planners come in different themes and durations, such as the “LIFT 4 PLANNER 2.0” and the “4 Weeks FIRE AND FLOW Planner”, to offer a personalized workout schedule. Challenges like the “75 SOFT Challenge” and the “75 HARD Challenge” also provide rigorous, goal-oriented programs.

The planners are in digital, printable formats, making them easily accessible and customizable. Prices are reasonable, ranging from £4 to £15, indicating options for different budgets. The collection caters to diverse fitness goals and preferences, encouraging users to stay committed to their health journey.

Colouring Trackers

The “Colouring Trackers” section provides a creative and engaging way to monitor personal habits and monthly activities. Available for purchase are various themed colouring pages, such as “Monthly Habit Tracker” and monthly-specific options like “June Tracker” and “April Colouring Tracker”, each designed to offer a visual and interactive approach to tracking progress.

With prices ranging from £1.5 to £4, these trackers are an affordable way to add fun to routine tracking. They are designed as printable pages, allowing for easy use and accessibility. The tracker features spaces that can be coloured in as goals are met or habits are maintained, combining the satisfaction of progress with the therapeutic benefits of colouring.

Fitness Bundle

The “Fitness Bundle” section offers a collection of comprehensive fitness tracking solutions designed to assist users in monitoring and achieving their health and wellness goals. The featured items include the “Ultimate Fitness Bundle,” a complete set with over 30 pages covering various aspects of fitness planning and tracking.

There’s also a specific “Measurements Tracker and…” bundle focused on recording body measurements over time, which can be essential for gauging progress. These bundles are priced competitively, ranging from £2.5 to £3, signifying a budget-friendly option for those looking to enhance their fitness journey through detailed record-keeping and analysis. The bundles are offered in a digital format for easy download and printing.

Fitness Planners

The “Fitness Planners” section showcases a selection of meticulously designed planners to support a variety of health and wellness goals. The planners, such as the “Un-dated Simple Functional Fitness Planner” and the “Undated Fitness Tracker with…” offer flexibility with an undated format, allowing users to start planning at any time of the year.

Also available is the “Mindful Self-care Undated Planner,” which integrates self-care practices with fitness goals, emphasizing the holistic approach to wellness. Priced between £5 and £8, these planners are accessible to those on different budgets. They seem to come in a digital format, which facilitates easy and immediate access, as well as the ability to print multiple copies as needed. These planners are likely to include various templates and tools to track workouts, nutrition, and personal growth milestones.

Meal Planners

In the “Meal Planners” category, customers can find the “Eat your Rainbow undated Meal Planner” which is offered for £5. This colourful planner is designed to assist with organizing weekly meals, ensuring a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrients typically associated with different coloured foods.

The updated format provides the flexibility to be used at any point in the year, and the digital download format suggests convenience for users to print at home. This meal planner includes sections for grocery lists, recipe tracking, and daily meal scheduling, supporting users in maintaining a healthy and diverse diet.

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