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Taekwondo4Fitness is a family-friendly martial arts school based in Košice, Slovakia, offering classes online and venue-based. It was founded in May 2019 by Mario Boser. Taekwondo4Fitness is a fitness program that combines Taekwondo techniques and training with traditional exercise and conditioning exercises to create a unique and effective workout. The program is designed to help participants improve their physical fitness, coordination, and balance and develop self-defence skills and confidence. Taekwondo4Fitness workouts typically include cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and taekwondo techniques such as kicks, punches, and blocks. The program may consist of elements of other martial arts, such as karate or kickboxing, and functional fitness exercises designed to improve overall fitness and performance. Taekwondo4Fitness is suitable for people of all fitness levels and can be adapted to meet the needs and goals of each participant. It is typically offered through Taekwondo schools, fitness centres, or as a standalone program. The lead instructor holds a 4th-degree blackbelt with the Independent Taekwondo Organisation and a Kukkiwon black belt. Mario is a former British Taekwondo Instructor and National Poomsae Referee who gained full Disclosure Checks clearance, which is crucial for working with children and vulnerable adults in the UK. After he moved back to Slovakia at the end of 2021, he obtained an additional trainer license with the Slovak Taekwondo Association WT, a member of World Taekwondo and the European Taekwondo Union since 1994. Mario is passionate about fitness, nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle. For this reason, he obtained an accredited certification, which gave him the skills, knowledge and competency to provide children and adults with high-quality, inclusive activity sessions.