Taekwondo Class Registration



Then why not apply for a FREE TRIAL to give it a go.

I am offering fun and engaging martial arts sessions online and venue-based. 

The sessions are entirely FREE, and although I am sure that you will love them! There is no obligation to sign up for regular classes if you decide it’s not for you! During the FREE TRIAL, you can join any of my classes, whatever suits your schedule the most.

Taekwondo Class Registration

Taekwondo Class Registration

Why do I need to complete a booking form?

To participate in a physical exercise program at Taekwondo4Fitness, all participants must complete an online questionnaire before the first class! The form is designed to assess if you are fit to exercise and make you aware of the safety measures to train safely at home or the venue.

A Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire (short: PAR-Q) highlights any medical conditions or physical inabilities you need to speak about with your GP. As a Taekwondo Instructor and from a liability point, I have to be aware of any risks of injury, illness and even accident that may arise during my sessions.

The health and safety of my students is my highest priority! Everyone should be aware of their ability and listen to their body to ensure the training is happening safely!

There are two versions of forms – one is for virtual sessions and the other for physical classes at the venue.

New starters who wish to participate in physical and virtual classes, please use the form here. For online activity only, please use the shortened version here.

What happens next after I completed the booking form?

As soon you completed the free taster registration form, I will receive a notification and review it as soon as I get the chance. All forms are subject to approval! If it is incomplete or checkboxes were ticked incorrectly, I will let you know and provide a solution.

When do I get the Zoom invite to participate?

I will send you an email inviting you to the scheduled Zoom meeting as soon I approve the booking form. It’s easy to join a Zoom meeting by clicking an invitation link or entering your Meeting ID and password. If you didn’t use Zoom yet and hadn’t it on your device, you will be automatically asked to download the app after clicking on the invite. Just follow the instructions. You can join Zoom meetings in both ways from the website, mobile app, or desktop app.

What happens after the trial lesson?

If you want to become a regular member, you also need to complete a registration form (Child/Children and Adult).

Any further questions?

If you have questions and would like to discuss this in more detail over the telephone, please chose from the different contact options on my website here.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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