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Business Card from Mario Boser

Taekwondo Instructor | 4th-degree black belt | Examination Director | Instructor & Trainer Education at Independent Taekwondo Organisation | ITO Chairman | Poomsae Referee | Fitness Coach | Nutrition Advisor | Welfare Officer

Welcome to Taekwondo4Fitness, your one-stop resource for essential contact information about our highly qualified Taekwondo Instructor, Mario Boser. Mario is a seasoned professional with a 4th-degree black belt and extensive experience as the Examination Director, Instructor & Trainer Education, and ITO Chairman at the Independent Taekwondo Organisation.

Mario’s commitment to comprehensive training and support helps individuals reach their fitness goals. He holds multiple qualifications, including Poomsae Referee, Fitness Coach, Nutrition Advisor, and Welfare Officer, and is certified in Exercise Welfare and Health with licenses in First Aid, Safeguarding Children, and Sports Management. He is also a COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor and former British Taekwondo Instructor and National Poomsae Referee.

Our business card page provides a quick reference for Mario’s qualifications and contact information, making it an essential tool for networking and staying connected. Visit us at to book a session with Mario and learn more about our services.

Business Card | Taekwondo4Fitness

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Licenses and Certifications​

Certificate Description Issued Expires
Kukkiwon Certificate for 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo KUKKIWON April 2024Lifetime
Taekwondo Examination License B Independent Taekwondo Organisation Dec 2022 Dec 2026
4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo SK Independent Taekwondo Organisation 14th May 2022 Lifetime
Exercise Welfare and Health Future Fit Training Ltd May 2022 Lifetime
Kukkiwon Certificate for 2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo KUKKIWON 14th April 2022 Lifetime
Safeguarding and Protecting Children – Positive Parents (version 18) UK Coaching Feb 2022 Lifetime
Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK Coaching Feb 2022 Lifetime
First Aid for Martial Arts Instructors Level 3 (VTQ) ProTrainings Feb 2022 Feb 2025
First Aid at Work Annual Refresher (VTQ) ProTrainings Feb 2022 Feb 2023
4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo UK Independent Taekwondo Organisation 20th Nov 2021 Lifetime
National Dan Promotion Exam to 3rd-degree black belt PremierKi Taekwondo Promotion Test by British Taekwondo 20th Nov 2021 Lifetime
Level 2 Special Educational Needs TQUK Oct 2021 Lifetime
Common Core Fit For Sport Jun 2021 Lifetime
3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo UK Independent Taekwondo Organisation 23rd Mar 2021 Lifetime
Child Protection in Sport – Time to Listen to Online Workshop British Taekwondo Limited Feb 2021 Lifetime
IAO Level 2 Certificate In Principles of Business and Administration Innovate Awarding Feb 2021 Lifetime
Safeguarding & Protecting Children (Online Classroom) UK Coaching Dec 2020 Lifetime
Class 3 Referee Refresher British Taekwondo Dec 2020 Lifetime
Diploma in Advanced Fitness Fab Academy Sep 2020 Lifetime
Diploma in Fitness Fab Academy Sep 2020 Lifetime
Level 1 Diploma in Professional Coaching The SPEAKup Challenge Sep 2020 Lifetime
Level 3 Certificate in Sports Management Aug 2020 Lifetime
Diploma in Nutrition Fab Academy Aug 2020 Lifetime
Sports Nutrition Crash Course Udemy Aug 2020 Lifetime
Taekwondo Europe Poomsae and Freestyle Workshop World Taekwondo Europe Aug 2020 Lifetime
Taekwondo Poomsae Intensive Online Course Udemy Aug 2020 Lifetime
COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor Certification OpenLearning Jul 2020 Lifetime
COVID-19 Awareness Training Future Active Workforce Jul 2020 Lifetime
Participation Certificate – WT Coach Certification Course [Level I] World Taekwondo Europe Jul 2020 Lifetime
Safeguarding Adults UK Coaching Apr 2020 Lifetime
Safeguarding in Sport – Level 2 EduCare / British Taekwondo Mar 2020 Lifetime
Certificate of Participation as a National Poomsae Judge British Taekwondo Limited Dec 2019 Lifetime
Inspiring Positive Behaviour in Sport UK Coaching Oct 2019 Lifetime
Level 3 Award in Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Oplex Careers Oct 2019 Lifetime
Sports Psychology Diploma Elearncollege Ltd Oct 2019 Lifetime
Nutrition Masterclass: Eat to gain Future Fit Training Ltd Sep 2019 Lifetime
Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity 1st4sport Learning May 2019 Lifetime
Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Future Fit Training Ltd May 2019 Lifetime
Level 2 Certificate in Leading Health-Related Activity Sessions Active IQ May 2019 Lifetime
Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention Future Fit Training Ltd Jan 2019 Lifetime
How to Coach: Plan, Do, Review UK Coaching Jan 2019 Lifetime
Kukkiwon Certificate – 1st-degree black belt in Taekwondo KUKKIWON 14th Dec 2018 Lifetime
Common Core (HALP) Fit For Sport Dec 2018 Lifetime
Safeguarding Awareness (HALP) Fit For Sport Dec 2018 Lifetime
Taekwondo Examination B-License Independent Taekwondo Organisation Mar 2021 Dec 2023
2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo UK Independent Taekwondo Organisation 23rd Mar 2021 Dec 2023
Martial Arts First Aid ProTrainings Europe Ltd Oct 2019 Oct 2022
National Dan Promotion Exam to 2nd-degree black belt PremierKi Taekwondo Promotion Test by British Taekwondo 28th Sep 2019 Lifetime
QA Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) PRESTIGE SAFETY SERVICES Jun 2019 Jun 2021
Class 3 National Poomsae Referee British Taekwondo Limited Mar 2019 Sep 2022
Certified British Taekwondo Instructor British Taekwondo Limited Nov 2018 Nov 2021
Safeguarding Children and Young People (NCC) NCC Education Oct 2018 Lifetime
National Dan Promotion Exam to 1st-degree black belt PremierKi Taekwondo Promotion Test by British Taekwondo 29th Sep 2018 Lifetime