Age is just a number!


Age is just a number


Age is just a number – 10k Evening Outdoor Run

My first one since March – Over 900 kcal burnt!


To help my students achieve their health and fitness goals, I have to complete mine as well!


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Tempo Training+

“Great pace in a long session! You improved your aerobic fitness, speed and ability to sustain high-intensity effort for longer. This session also increased your resistance to fatigue.”

Running index: 40, good

This year has been challenging. There are many things ongoing, but I do the best I can to keep active and fit. Taekwondo, weight training and running help me to keep going and better cope with these challenges effectively.

My cardio fitness score is excellent for men of my age. At pre-pandemic times, it was 52. Currently, it is 49, but I will smash this number over time.


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Besides this, I am eating healthily and maintain a balanced and plant-based diet.

What are you doing to achieve your health and fitness goals? Are you doing enough?

Make your health a priority!

Physical activity is essential and has not only physiological benefits but also contributes to social and psychological well-being. Humans are designed to move! Movement is something that our gens expect from us! Regular exercise also has a notable tactic effect against contracting any infection in the first place and slashes the risk of severe disease.

Age is just a number if you take good care of yourself! Keep it going, work harder and never give up! Start your fitness journey now before it is too late!


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