Leaving the UK because of Brexit

Leaving the UK after Brexit

8 Compelling Reasons for Leaving the UK because of Brexit

Gabriela and I had made the UK our home for almost a decade, enjoying its culture, people and opportunities. However, the Brexit referendum in 2016 changed everything. Despite obtaining settled status, we decided to return to Europe. This blog will share our story and the reasons behind our difficult decision to leave the country we had come to love.

Uncertainty with Jobs and Future for Our Child

One of the main reasons we left the UK was uncertainty with jobs and our child’s future. Gabriela and I had settled status, but we couldn’t see much for ourselves and our son Maximilian in the UK after Brexit. The job market became more complicated, and we were worried about how Brexit would impact our son’s education and prospects.

Loss of Freedom of Movement

Another reason why we decided to leave the UK was the loss of freedom of movement. Before Brexit, we could travel freely across the EU and had the option to live and work in other EU countries. However, after Brexit, this became much more challenging. We didn’t want to be restricted in our movements or deal with the added bureaucracy of being a non-EU citizen.

Difficulty Buying Goods from EU Countries

We also found buying goods from EU countries more challenging after Brexit. We had to pay import fees, which made buying from the EU less attractive. This was particularly challenging when purchasing items for our son, such as clothing and toys, as many of these products were only available from EU countries.

Feeling Unwelcome

Another factor that influenced our decision to leave was the feeling of being unwelcome in the UK. Many British people said that EU workers were taking their jobs, making us no longer welcome in the country. Additionally, we didn’t even have the right to vote at the referendum in 2016, which made us think our opinions didn’t matter.

Economic Uncertainty

Brexit created a significant amount of economic uncertainty, which made us feel uneasy about our future in the UK. The pound’s value dropped sharply after the referendum, and we were concerned about how this would impact our savings and our ability to make ends meet.

Healthcare Concerns

As EU citizens, we previously could access healthcare in the UK without issue. However, after Brexit, we were concerned about how changes to the healthcare system might impact our ability to access quality medical care when needed.

Family Considerations

We also had family considerations that influenced our decision to leave the UK. Our families live in Europe, and we wanted to be closer to them. Additionally, we were concerned about how Brexit might impact our ability to travel back and forth between the UK and our home countries.

Sense of Belonging

Finally, after Brexit, we felt we no longer belonged in the UK. We lived in the country for nearly a decade and built a life there. However, after the referendum, we felt we were no longer welcome in the same way we had been before. We wanted to live where we felt we belonged and were valued as community members.

In summary, economic uncertainty, healthcare concerns, family considerations, and a sense of belonging were all additional reasons why my wife Gabriela and I decided to leave the UK after Brexit. While it was a difficult decision, we ultimately felt it was suitable for our family and us.


In conclusion, the decision to leave the UK after Brexit was not easy for my wife Gabriela and me. While we had settled status, we didn’t see a clear future for ourselves and our son in the UK after Brexit. However, our decision was influenced by uncertainty with jobs and the end of our child, loss of freedom of movement, difficulty buying goods from EU countries and feeling unwelcome in the UK. It was difficult, but we ultimately decided to leave and start a new chapter of our lives back in Europe.

Leaving the UK because of Brexit
Cliveden, National Trust, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Cliveden, National Trust, was undoubtedly our favourite place in the UK. Located in Buckinghamshire, it is a magnificent stately home with charm and grandeur. Its stunning gardens, beautiful river walks, and breathtaking countryside views make it easy to see why it’s such a popular attraction.

But what made it truly special for us was its rich history and association with prominent figures such as Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, and even the Beatles. Exploring the house and its grounds felt like stepping back in time and offered a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous of a bygone era. 

Our exceptional service and hospitality during our visit only added to the experience. Cliveden, National Trust, indeed left an indelible mark on us, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in the UK.

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