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Taekwondo Training Košice: Unlock Your Potential with Taekwondo4Fitness Services

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Dynamic Taekwondo training session in Košice dojo with Taekwondo4Fitness, showcasing students of various ages.


Taekwondo Training Košice: Welcome to the Ultimate Martial Arts Experience. Taekwondo4Fitness offers a unique blend of martial arts education and fitness programs. Led by Mario Boser, an experienced martial artist since 1989, our dojo welcomes individuals of all ages to explore the discipline, strength, and health benefits that Taekwondo provides. Located in the heart of Košice, Slovakia, we’re dedicated to providing professional, high-standard training in a supportive environment.

Services Overview:

Our Taekwondo Training Košice services are designed to meet the needs of every student, from beginners to advanced martial artists. Mario Boser, our lead instructor, brings over three decades of martial arts expertise to Košice, making Taekwondo4Fitness the go-to dojang for comprehensive Taekwondo education. At Taekwondo4Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of Taekwondo and fitness services designed to meet the needs of our community. Explore our offerings and find the perfect fit for your martial arts journey:

Taekwondo Poomsae Coaching:​

Dive deeper into the art of Taekwondo with our specialized poomsae coaching. Perfect for practitioners looking to refine their forms, improve precision, and prepare for competitions.

Personal Coaching:

Our tailored one-on-one sessions offer personalized attention to help you hone your martial arts skills, achieve your fitness goals, and unlock your full potential.

Self-Defense Workshops:

Empower yourself with practical self-defense techniques through our dedicated workshops. Learn to protect and assert yourself confidently in any situation.

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching:

Elevate your performance with our holistic approach to nutrition and wellness. Specializing in plant-based diets, we provide personalized guidance to support your health and athletic goals.

Children's Welfare and Safeguarding Training:

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our young athletes is paramount. Our comprehensive training for instructors emphasizes safeguarding practices, creating a secure learning environment for all.

About Mario Boser:

Mario Boser, Lead Instructor at Taekwondo4Fitness, brings unparalleled expertise to the dojang. With a martial arts career spanning over three decades, including extensive experience as a Taekwondo practitioner and instructor, Mario is dedicated to the personal and professional development of each student. His credentials include:

  • Kukkiwon-certified black belt
  • Chairman and Examination Director of the Independent Taekwondo Organisation
  • Certified Taekwondo Instructor and former British Taekwondo National Poomsae Referee
  • Qualified Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach
  • Committed to ongoing personal and professional development


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Taekwondo4Fitness offers a welcoming and enriching environment for everyone. Join us in Košice and start your journey towards better health, confidence, and martial arts mastery today.

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