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Back to School

Time to get back to school to make healthier choices, get fit and earn higher grades in Taekwondo!



Virtual Classes


Virtual classes may resume from next week on a biweekly basis (Monday and Friday evenings from 6-7 PM), depending on the number of participants! To register your interest, please click here. It doesn’t matter where you are based as long you can train safely from home. If you have at least 2m x 2m of free space available, you are all set to go. There are no geographical limits for training with me or earning higher grades and a Kukkiwon blackbelt that is internationally recognised.



Physical classes at the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury


Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School


Physical classes will start from the 15th of September at the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury, presumably around 5:50-6:50 PM on Wednesdays, because the hall needs to be cleared by 6:55 PM. In the beginning, there will be only a mixed class of kids, teens and adults. Additional courses will be introduced at a later time, depending on the number of participants. Booking is required! Non-essential visitors won’t be allowed to enter the dojang to protect participants with higher risk and/ or with underlying health conditions!



Registration and Insurance Cover

The fees for virtual and physical sessions include insurance cover through UK Coaching.

For a new starter, please use the link below to sign up.

Alternatively, you can also access the form from here.


Please check out my shop for products and services. Additional items may be added before physical classes will commerce.


About Taekwondo4Fitness and the Instructor


My name is Mario, and I am the Lead Instructor at Taekwondo4Fitness. I have been practising martial arts since 1989. My Taekwondo journey started in 1992, and I kept practising even if life often got in my way. My goal is to inspire and motivate the youth and adults to become more active, make healthier choices, and share the experience of shaping oneself into a better person each and every day.


Physical activity is essential and has not only physiological benefits, but it also contributes to social and psychological well-being. It reduces the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Besides this, drinking lots of fluids and eating healthy are mandatory for health and fitness. I became a Taekwondo Instructor and opened this school in May 2019 to help my students achieve their health and fitness goals with martial arts and maintain the Five Tenets of Taekwondo.


I am a certified Fitness Coach, a Taekwondo Instructor with a Kukkiwon black belt and a National Poomsae Referee who gained full Disclosure Checks clearance. Continued education and further training are crucial to me. Therefore, besides my full-time job in IT, I am a lifetime student attending regular classes in other clubs.


Since the pandemic started and Brexit happened, I find it very challenging to keep the school open. To grow Taekwondo4Fitness and explore different options, I have been in touch with Active Partnerships. Depending on how my school progresses, the organisation structure may change into a non-profit organisation funded by the government to enable low-income families to participate.


I have been enrolled for a Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer Course with RSPH Nutrition with Future Fit Training – the leading training provider for Personal Trainers, Nutrition Advisers and Pilates Instructors in the UK since 2018 as It provides me with the knowledge and skills to work with clients with common health conditions that are increasingly the norm.


Since I am a registered CIMSPA member, I require 10 CPD points per membership subscription year. Five points of these must be CIMSPA endorsed CPD.

You can find more information regarding qualifications on my CIMSPA and LinkedIn page.


About the Independent Taekwondo Organisation (ITO)über-uns/


Organisation and board members


Please be in touch!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can choose from different contact options by following the link below:

I look forward to seeing you in class!


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